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My best friend Arlissa and I had an argument about something so silly, and after that day we didn't talk to each other again. It's painful to have seen her at school and not talked to her. I miss our laughs and our cries. I miss her and want her back in my life. She has a new best friend, and to this day it still hurts me to see I lost her.

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Well, this poem reminded me of the way I was few month ago. I made problem with my friend. She was really so close to me! Like seriously I felt like I am so dead without her, and cannot hide...

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I Lost My Two Best Friends

© Kayla August

Published on August 2010

I lost my best friend, why? God help me
It's been almost two years since we've spoken to each other.
You were the best part of me
you made me so happy, you were like my little sister
we did everything together...laughed and cried together
I miss you and I wish you were here with me today, tomorrow and the next day.

I am sorry I lost you, come back to me...please be my friend again.
I didn't mean to be mean to you, things got out of control
I didn't want to say bye and I didn't even get the chance to
We've been through so much, you were all that I had.

It's hard to admit the fact that you are gone and you're not coming back.
You got a new best friend and each and every day I wish I was her.
I want to be the one that makes you smile again, to party with you and share my secrets with you once more.

I wish to see you right now.
I want to apologize and have you back in my life.
You already moved on with your life and now you look so happy
I wish you would take the time to listen to me, You were my best friend.
Good Bye, I love you!



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  • by Mrmr Mome
  • 2 years ago

Well, this poem reminded me of the way I was few month ago. I made problem with my friend. She was really so close to me! Like seriously I felt like I am so dead without her, and cannot hide how jealous I felt to see how strong she was toward me, both of us didn't talk to each others for 4 months. I thought this time would be enough to make her forget me. I thought she moved on because of how she was happy without me while I am suffering, but I knew later how wrong my thoughts was. I always wanted to tell her sorry! But I couldn't because I was scared of being rejected. Thanks god that every thing turned back between us now. I would like to tell you don't give up and be optimistic! Besides that if you want to apologize just do it! Because even if she didn't accept your apology. You will rest afterward. Because you will know what your next step will be.

  • by Hull
  • 3 years ago

This poem exactly describes what happened to me and my ex best friend . It started with me sitting on different table with the girls she don't like and then she got angry and said if I'm going to sit next to them again our friendship is finished. Next day I sat by them and she came and said to me our friendship is done goodbye that's all she said and walked away and now I feel sad and think that I shouldn't have sat next to those girls that day.

  • by Julia
  • 4 years ago

This poem describes exactly what happened to me and my ex best friend Lily, and it voices exactly how I felt around two years ago. It has been three years now and we too fought over something so trivial. In fact I don't even remember fighting; one day we were talking and one day we were sitting on different tables. She didn't tell me things and I didn't tell her how I felt and that was it. Simple complication and miscommunication ended our friendship and now after all the anger and resentment has gone, I realize what an amazing friend she was. I hope she sometimes feels this way about me. I don't want to be best friends with her anymore though, I love all the friends around me at the moment too much but I hope one day in the future she can think about her times with me, with a smile on her face and with no resentment. I hope she is happy.

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