Fighting Friend Poem

A friendship betrayed is the subject of this poet's poem.

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My best friend would never do this. She loves me.

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Not Worth The Fight

© Vinenessa E. Martinez

Published on February 2006

How could you hurt me,
The way that you did,
I'm here for you always,
Isn't that what you had said?
Now that you've lied,
Our friendship is dead,
It is now gone,
Left in the past,
Ours was a friendship,
I thought would last,
Why did you lie?
Why'd you pretend?
To actually care,
To be my good friend,
It pains me to know,
It's come to an end,
Somehow I guess it just wasn't right,
Our friendship's now cold,
And dark as the night,
I've come to the fact,



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  • by Jess
  • 1 week ago

My best friend would never do this. She loves me.

  • by Nikala Kalolo
  • 11 months ago

This is what happened to me. My friend.... well at least what I thought was my friend lied to me. For two years I have shared her pain with her, shared all I have with her and she lied to me. I asked her if we could have a sleepover. She said she would ask her dad. Every day I asked her what he said and she lied and said her dad said no. And then the last time I asked her, some other girl, that I don't even know, just says that her and my friend are going to the movies! She could have at least told me. And she didn't even offer if I wanted to go! We are not friends anymore.

  • by Faith A.. Schadewald, Duluth, MN
  • 4 months ago

I am so sorry to hear this! This does saddens me, but you will find a friend who will not lie to you and who will include you in things!

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