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My name is Phil Harris. I am 24 years of age and I reside in Georgia. This poem is one of the best out of a book I am writing which is called " Inspirations in Life ". I have been inspired many ways in life to never allow anyone to cause me to remember that I have a dream that I can achieve. I hope to have the whole book completed within the next month.

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I read this poem and it hit the inside of my core. I am 17 and pregnant I …

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Published: Oct 2008

I Will Prevail

I have been told that I will never exceed
I have been told that I am living in a dream
I have been pushed to the side by many of my peers
I have heard of the struggles that was present before me
I have heard others speak of the struggles they were presented with
I have accepted I can't change everything in my life
I know that the things that can be changed will take time
I have watched many come and fall
I have seen those who have raised to riches and fall to pennies
I have started a goal
I have told myself that I will prevail

I have seen the evil in life
I have once been a victim to this life
I have learned that the only thing that can hold you back in life is living for the past
I refuse to give up without a try
I refuse to let anyone tell me that I can't reach the sky
I refuse to live for today
I will always prepare for tomorrow even though it is not guaranteed
I will refuse to allow anyone to change my heart
I believe that God will lead me to a higher place
I believe that change has been accepted for my life
I believe that someone is watching over me
I will prevail

I apologize for the struggles other may have faced
I refused to allow me to make myself wait
I know that many have never receive an apology for the struggles they have faced
I hope that you accept this from me as I am speaking through them to you
I know that for many of you this is the reason you have given in to the belief that you can't exceed
I will continue through the obstacles that step in my way
I will ask for guidance every day
I will not give up
I will not give in
I will not look back
I will not except that this is all my life is meant to be
I will continue
I will prevail


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  • by beth
  • Jul 2009

I read this poem and it hit the inside of my core. I am 17 and pregnant I cannot see or talk to the father for he does not know that he even has a child on the way. my father kicked me out and said every negative thing you can think of my mother wants to send me to a pregnant home where I cannot talk to anyone. I'm scared but I'm having faith and keeping strong. this poem is strong in itself. thank you


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