Humorous Poem

I wrote this poem after watching either a show or movie to where everything went wrong for the main character, and I wanted to put that into a poem.

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Published on March 2009

One Bad Day

Waking up at 10a.m. I realize that I'm
late for work again. Not knowing what will transpire,
I rush to work hoping that I won't get fired.

With my heart rapidly pulsating like a rock and rollers drum,
I tried sneaking in to avoid my boss's evil grin.
But then I was caught and sent to his untidy pigpen.
Preaching at me for about an hour, he states,

"You are Fired!!! Yelling with all his power.

With all words going from one ear out the other,
I stormed out of his office and ran for cover.

Now noon, and I feel like an exploding balloon.
So racing over to my girlfriends hair saloon,
I told her the news and she made me feel more like a buffoon.

"It's all Over!!!" Screaming with an annoying voice.

All words again flow one ear and out the other.
I then speeded home tired of being sober.

As eight o'clock rolls around, I lay wondering-
What outrageous thing is going to happen next?
With all of the rest, I did what I thought was best.
I sunk into a few bottles of hard liquor,
washing my troubles away from this bad, bad day.


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