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Humorous poetry has been written for thousands of years. Many of us do not know that the nursery rhymes that we sang as kids were made up to convey information of a delicate political nature encoded in what sounds like a silly children's song. Living in the western world, we are lucky enough to be able (in some cases) to freely speak our minds. However, we cannot take for granted the medium of humor as a way to convey information that may be politically dangerous.
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The Horse Ride
Taking a romantic ride today,
We sat upon the wagon.
Suddenly the horse lifted his tail
And we heard a roaring dragon!

The deafening sound hurt my ears
And the smell burned the ..........
Votes: 789,  Rating: 3.96 , 3 Stories
Nothing Rhymes with Orange, Orange
Now see the beautiful sunset ore the ocean blue
Fiery colors due abound of poems there are a few
I wish that I could write one, about that perfect hue
But nothing rhymes with ..........
Votes: 423,  Rating: 3.85 , 5 Stories
Poem About Waking Up In The Morning, My Freaking Alarm
By Demecia Dean
As I lay cozy all snug in my bed
I enjoy the imagination inside my head
Until I hear racked beside my bed
It's my 5:00 alarm!

I quickly silent you, you annoying alarm
Then we ..........
Votes: 13,  Rating: 3.77
Smarter Than Him
By Nick Philips
I locked my brother in a closet
T’see what he would do.
And jus' before I think he lost it,
He thoughta something new:

“Ha-ha!” he said—I thought, “Oh, dear”—
“You know, I think I ..........
Votes: 165,  Rating: 3.74
After The Operation
By Barbara Turner
So now he has had his eyes done,
and at last he can see,

but I was a bit worried,
what would he think of me?

You see, he hadn't seen me,
out of two good eyes,

would I ..........
Votes: 237,  Rating: 3.72 , 2 Stories
Picture Perfect
She stood there by the ocean,
The breeze gently lifted her hair.
Of that seagull just above her,
She was totally unaware.

Seemingly floating in the sky,
The seagull’s wings were ..........
Votes: 196,  Rating: 3.66
The Bulls Of Bickerton Lane
The bulls of Bickerton Lane do graze
Upon my verdant lawn.
I hear them in the morning haze
Mooing to the dawn.

They trample all my flowered shrubs;
They crush the dainty ..........
Votes: 59,  Rating: 3.64
Monkey In The Middle
By Sawyer Sewell
There once was a monkey in a city’s zoo,
who dreamed of the outside sun.
He did like hitting kids with poo,
but he felt that that’s been done.

So he climbed out in the middle of ..........
Votes: 360,  Rating: 3.56 , 2 Stories
I Love You/I Hate You
By Christina
You're the love of my life and the cause of my strife
You dirty cigarette
I've made many mistakes in my many days
But you are my one regret
You wooed me with words like relaxing and ..........
Votes: 155,  Rating: 3.5 , 1 Story
The Devil Beneath
By Ld Fisher
All sweet and innocent she might look
some people call her an innocent crook.
Her simmering smile
and make up on.
To cover up what lies beyond.

Look at her dress!
something's ..........
Votes: 183,  Rating: 3.49
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