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Poetry that rhymes relays a message through the music of the spoken word. Their power is in their ability to get us caught up in the music so that we will let down our defenses and consider the message that the poem has to offer. Sometimes poets use rhyme as a tool to show the humor in the message they are trying to convey. Traditional poems are written in rhyme to help to add a musical element to a reading. A rhyming poem brings out the joy that can be had in appreciating the music in words.

Poems which Rhyme

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To My Little Sister With Throat Cancer, Happy Trails To Cancer Shirt
By Sam French
It was purchased just for you,
when you're happy or you're blue,
you can wear it on your head,
'round the house or in your bed,
you can wear it in the dark,
while you're ..........
Votes: 393,  Rating: 4.08 , 4 Stories
Mary And The Mouse
By Trish Moyles
It started all so sweetly, Mary and the mouse
It took a while to realize she had company in the house
And Tess, she didn't worry
She didn't even care
When Mickey shared her dinner
She ..........
Votes: 131,  Rating: 3.84
By Erin Friedrichs
The question that is asked the most; we hear it everyday,
“What time Is it?” they want to know, and then they go away.
It's time for bed, it's time for work, or time to feed the fishes, ..........
Votes: 375,  Rating: 3.79 , 4 Stories
By Kayla Coffey
I say yes and you say no
I say bye and you say hello
Butterfly's fly and penguins swim
Professionals lie and adventures go on whim
If you go up I go down
An emo to a happy ..........
Votes: 330,  Rating: 3.69
A Daschund Dog
By Bella
My dog has a special twist,
She can't go a day unkissed.

She's not a normal dog,
Her furs the color of a log.

Her tails as pointy as a stick,
She'd get a 10 from a ..........
Votes: 377,  Rating: 3.63
Cammy The Rabbit
By Amanda Favorite
Cammy my rabbit, feminine but buff
no really, this isn't a bluff!
A rex with her ears proud and tall
truly the queen rabbit of all
They call you obese But I'd disagree
You binky around ..........
Votes: 139,  Rating: 3.17
Some Spring!
I hate the snow, I hate the sleet,
I just want some rain,
The clouds are running across the sky,
Playing some silly game.

It's already spring,
And the snow is still ..........
Votes: 233,  Rating: 3.06
Rhyming Poems 1-7 of 7    
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