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This was brought on a few years ago in the midst of constant cries from activist groups to pay attention to the way we treat this earth that we live on.

Our Mother Earth

© Joshua Isham
This mother Earth,
Who gives us life;
This mother Earth,
Heart filled with strife,

We love her not,
Though love we should;
Her death we plot,
For life's "own good";

She gave us air, and food, and home,
That's not enough we humans scream;
With greedy lust our mouths do foam,
With evil hopes our eyes do gleam;

Her air we fill,
With smoke and death;
Ourselves we kill,
For lack of breath;

The sea once clean,
Now choked with waste;
To drink we fear,
Will death make haste;

The soil once pure,
And full of life;
Now barren sand,
Of farmer's strife;

No longer she,
Can stand our "love";
Now we must flee,
Like scattered dove;

She gave us all,
Unto the end;
Now we appalled,
Our lives defend


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Published: May 2008

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  • Mother Nature
    by Ron Tranmer ©

    Have you ever spent the hours
    just gazing at the stars,
    contemplating all the wonders
    in this universe of ours?

    The beauty of each flower.
    Their fragrances we smell.
    The magnificence of color,
    and each intricate detail.

    Have you looked upon the ocean
    watching waves crash to the shore,
    and felt the awesome power
    of it’s great majestic roar?

    The many colors of a rainbow
    as it arc’s across the sky,
    almost takes my breath away.
    Is it any wonder why?

    Have you sat with one you love
    to watch the falling sun,
    spraying rays of reddish haze
    to show the day is done.

    All the beauty that surrounds us
    in this world whereon we trod,
    are not from “Mother” nature,
    but from our “Father”……God

    Ron Tranmer Submitted Oct 2011
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