Broken Friendship Poem

Poem About Uncertain

After a breakup you might be left feeling empty. You are unsure if you made the right decision and unsure of your true feelings.

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I really liked this poem as it sort of relates to me and my ex best mate …

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© Jessica E. Villa

Published: Jul 2007


Once in your life you make the friends that are true
Nothing else matters except what's between them and you
You don't know if anyone has ever before felt this way
For them you breathed, you wanted to be alive every day
You'd put up with anything if it meant you got to see each of their faces
Here you are writing your life story and they are the basis
You know what's right and no one else can see
They're your world, everything you want your life to be
Not even sure if they feel the same way for you
You're stuck with this feeling what can you do?
Things are changing you don't feel the love anymore
You need to figure things out and get to the core
You're missing the feeling you used to love to feel
You're lost and your heart is confused how to deal
There's nothing else left to do but to move on
The feeling is no longer there but now you're uncertain whether you really wanted it gone.


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I really liked this poem as it sort of relates to me and my ex best mate we fell out about 2 weeks ago and I'm not even sure what I did to upset her, she is like the greatest friend I have had and I've told her everything and vise versa but I can't watch her just walk away from me... it kills me


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