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Poem Remembering Night Of Rape

This was the worst thing that had ever happened to me in my life. I think the worst thing about it was that it was a relation who was responsible for this. I felt I needed to let go of the feelings that were deep inside of me, so I thought the best way to let go was to put pen to paper. This is what I got..

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© Elizabeth Murphy

Published: Apr 2009

The Night That Changed Everything

Wrapped up warm
Safe and sound
Nothing to worry
But being dreamed bound

Sweet dreams came to me
In the peace of the night
But something would happen
That would change my life

I tossed and stirred
Not knowing what was wrong
I opened my eyes
And turned the light on

He was standing there
Looking at me
Not feeling sorry
But looking for, forgive me

I was shocked and sickened
By what had been done
But I couldn't turn back time
Not for this one

A tear ran down
The side of my face
He took off
At a quick pace

I was left there
Sobbing away
He was next door
And was there to stay

I felt like dirt
Like I wanted to die
I couldn't escape
From this evil guy

In the morning
I found a note
It said, "Sorry, but I love you"
It seemed like a sick joke

My mind started to spin
I felt sick
I put the note in the fire
And made sure I burnt it

A few years have gone by
And here I am
That night is in my mind
But I still stand

I feel so much stronger
Than I have ever before
I'm putting the night behind me
So I can open a new door

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