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Poem About a Friendship Changing

I wrote this about my best friend since kindergarten. but I am not so sure we are best friends anymore. We are two completely different people. I am more a fan of the "be yourself" type group, and she is more a fan of the "I'll do anything to get attention and be popular" type group. I'm just hoping that everything will be okay between us.

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© Casey

Published: Aug 2008

Times Are Changing

We had our good days and we had our bad,
I thought I would never forget the times we had

The times are changing
and our memories are slowly fading
and though times may change
we just have to hope and pray
that someday things will be okay

The times are changing
but we can't keep holding onto the past,
because we don't know if our past
can be part of our future

And as I shed one last tear
I live in fear
that as the times change
I will lose you forever.


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