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After years and years of dealing with the aftermath of the Christmas holiday season I just had to sit down and put what I was thinking on paper so that I wouldn't just explode from the stress of it all. I'm a father of four from a not so large middle class family and every year the "Joy of the Season" withers a little more in my eyes. Do most of us remember while we are cussing and hating a total stranger for taking the last close parking space at Wal-M**T, what Christmas Is really all about?

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The sad part about this poem is that it is so true...

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© Thomas L Evans

February 2011

What Have We Done To Christmas?

People screaming at each other, words are cutting like a knife
Savagely they rip apart any joys they had in life.
Children crying messes made.
Clothes all stained from a day of play.
Short on money, no more credit
Can't believe how fast we spent it.
Tempers flaring, horns are blaring.
Joy is gone now, no ones caring.
Rushing home tired from driving
Wife is hurt she goes in crying.
Kids are sick from all the snow
Where did all my money go.
We plan for this every year
Faking smiles, and good cheer.
Miserable for 6 months after
Tension building no time for laughter
Next few weeks we barely eat
Buying chicken no red meat
We know it happens every time
We block the truth in our mind
Once the fighting stops a while
Children happy finally smiles.
Damage done by what was said
Hardly sleep in your own bed.
Holidays they pimp with cheer
Over and Over every year
Same old feelings of regret
Stress and anger lots of debt
Is this what this day is for
Family's torn as if by war.
Selfish people plague the earth
wanting for themselves
This day's for honor of our lords birth
Not a day of for living hell
Merchandisers and big store chains
are the ones I wanna blame
It start with TV and the ads
And getting all the newest fads
their Targets mainly kids and teens
Tools for dad and mom wants a ring
Grandma needs a new microwave
Look a sale money saved
Saved for what I'll tell you a truth
Lets stop for lunch get that corner booth
We pretend each day as we go shopping
That the prices must be dropping
People fighting over Elmo dolls
Wait a day that price will fall
Order everything online
Sure we'll save a lot of time
Blizzard hit somewhere out east
Planes are grounded for a week at least.
Panic stricken what do we do
It's not my problem I'm blaming you
Presents don't arrive in time
I gave you yours now where's mine
What the hell is going on
This isn't right it feels all wrong
I don't know much about the lord
But if I were him I'd be really sore
All these people all those gifts
All the travel taking trips
I'm just asking don't get mad
Shouldn't we all feel so bad
How many of you gave him praise
On this of all his special day.
Shame on you and shame on me
Without his birth where would we be.

Written by: Thomas Evans 12-24-10
Dedicated to all of those I love and
Cherish in my dysfunctional but
wonderful family.


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  • by N3wb, Tx
  • 3 years ago

The sad part about this poem is that it is so true...


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