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This poem is about something that happened which made my mum lose trust in me and I went through a rough patch where I regretted what happened so badly I wanted to turn back time so I'd never been here.

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When I was about 12 years old when everything started happening. A year …

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Published: Sep 2011

Regret And Pain

Here I am, stumbling down the street
The rain's pouring down
I'm staring at my feet

But splashing on my feet it is
my tears and not the rain
They're are salty and bloodstained
From my agonizing pain

Nobody could be more
mad at me than me
Why was I so stupid?
Never again will she trust me

She's asking me too many questions
Ones I want so much to ignore
But I've brought this on myself
What else could I have been asking for?

When I think about the way things are
The tears roll down my face
If only I could turn back time
I would've never ended up in this place.


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  • by Joni
  • Nov 2012

When I was about 12 years old when everything started happening. A year before my grandpa died. My mom and I would do horrible things to each other, call each other names. I have had a lot of regretful things in my life that I wish I could go back in time and redo everything, I wish I would have treated my mother better. Now that I have gotten older, I have matured, and realized my mom has always been there for me, my father was never in my life until I was about 18 years old. People tell me I'm just like my dad, I act like him, and that I need to straighten up before I get to far down that path he is/was walking down. I have done some drugs, I have cut because I wanted to feel pain on the outside and not the inside. My mom lost all trust with me when I started my teenage years when I started stealing, doing drugs, sneaking around, leaving dances at school, just all kinds of immaturity things, and hanging out with the wrong crowd at the wrong times.


  • by Brittany
  • Oct 2012

This poem has touched me deeply. I've been through what your talking about. I was with a wonderful guy and just slowly let him slip away, but I was so deprived when I realized what I did I wanted to take it all, everything horrible I said or did but congrats on the poem it's well said and inspiring.


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