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My name is Elizabeth and I am an elementary education major at Millikin University, with an English. I am currently taking an Advanced Creative writing class that allows me to be as creative and free with my writing as I like.

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© Elizabeth

Published on December 2009

Days That End In Y

On days ending with Y
I am angry.

Insightful as it might be,
Days often end with Y?

I am frustrated a lot,
But I blame the days and their Y?

Y? is confused, nor a vowel or consonant.
Too cool to be left out, ever.

Y? even made friends with holiday.
Born on a holiday; I got the shaft again.

Y? is arrogant and falsely confident.
The real vowels will destroy it one day.

Dear Y,? I liked Monda and Tuesda just how they were.
Holida and weekda would like their integrity back as well.

Everyone is too nice to say it,
But Y? intrudes on our days.

On days ending with Y?
I will be angry until the vowel revolution.


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