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Friends Stay Forever

"Boyfriends may come and go, but a friend stays forever."

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I love this poem and I can relate to it because the person I love …

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© Brianna

Published: Apr 2008

Only A Friend

You tried so hard to win his love
You put your heart out on the line
He puts you on like he might love you back
But he tells you he doesn't love you as more then you are…a friend.
It cuts into your heart just like a knife.
Your tears hit the floor
But then you realize you will go on
Because you have something more
You have an eternal companion
a best friend


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Jia
  • Nov 2009

I love this poem and I can relate to it because the person I love considered me to be his best friend and I just loved him and kept on loving him.... But the closer we got the more complicated life got. I tried and tried to go away but now when I decided that I couldn't run away from him he turned to me for ever............


  • by Lizette Ramirez
  • Apr 2009

I just wanted to say that I really loved this poem because I am in love with a amazing guy who happens to be nothing more then just my friend! The day he told me that he loves me as only a friend it tore me apart I cried forever. I wanted this guy to love me so much more then just a friend. But sometimes things just aren't meant to be! He has become my best friend and I love him so much!!!! This was a very touchy poem I really did love it since I can relate to it!


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