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Poem About Loving A Best Friend

Everyone has or will fall for a friend, and we all know it sucks hearing "I don't see you as more than a friend".

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I have this exact situation with my best friend. He means everything to me …

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© Josh Alker

Published: Jan 2012

Fallen For You

I hear your problems,
I will wipe away a tear.
I love you with all my heart,
And that is my biggest fear.

I can't get you out of my head,
You're always around.
Everywhere I look,
In the sky and on the ground.

You are there when I am about to sleep,
And all throughout the night.
You are there when I wake,
You never leave my sight.

You are always on my mind,
And you have captured my heart.
I am in love with you,
And don't ever want to be apart.

However, I am playing a game,
That I cannot possibly win.
As you are my best friend,
And feeling for you is like a sin.

It's a game of love roulette,
And the gun is fully loaded.
As loving a best friend is friendship suicide,
So I'll make sure it's noted.

I do this every time,
It is nothing new.
I have ruined things once again,
All because I have fallen for you.


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  • by Faith
  • 3/20/2014

I have this exact situation with my best friend. He means everything to me but I can't tell him. It really scares me because I always thought I am incapable of loving anybody. My love for him was like a smack in the face. I was like of course it would be somebody I can't be with. So now I am stuck watching him go out with other girls and I am on the verge of losing my mind. What do I do about my mess???


  • by Sarah Barnes, Omaha
  • Feb 2012

I have been in a situation that was pretty close to what this poem is saying. It hurt both me and my friend, and I am at a loss of words to say to her now. I have ruined things between us, and I'm not sure it it'll grow back. So what should I do?


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