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I'm Sorry For Loving You Poem

I was in love with my best friend. I thought we had a chance at first, but he then told me, in words no less painful, "I don't want to be with you." It hurt. A lot. And for a long time afterward, I was angry with him. But we're moving forward now, letting go and moving on, and this poem is to remind me that I'm partially responsible for what happened, too.

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I too love my best friend and I thought there is some chance of our being …

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Published: Nov 2011

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry for the things I've done
I'm sorry for what was said
I'm sorry for these words I write
While lying here in bed.

The thing I need to tell you is
You mean so much to me
But it hurts so much to realize
There are things that you don't see.

I wanted you to love me too
I wanted you to care
I wanted to belong with you
I wanted to be a pair.

But you made it fairly clear
That you don't want the same
And this, I know, is all my fault
There's no one else to blame.

So here I am apologizing
Saying "sorry" with all my grace
And I'm sorry to say that I'm too scared
To say this to your face.


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  • by Kriti
  • 9/30/2013

I too love my best friend and I thought there is some chance of our being a pair. When I told him about my feelings, he clearly told me to forget him and I was never anything more than a best friend to him. It hurts but we are still very good friends, we are not best friends anymore and only I am responsible for that........


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