Winter Poem

I am a 13 year old girl; it has been a beautiful and snowy winter and while watching the snow fall poetic lines came from seemingly nowhere. Winter is the romantic season and hence came the last line "With still and peace her heart does mend". This poem captures the beauty of winter in an enticing way while the words remain beautiful and light.

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© Danielle

Published: Feb 2009

Ice Princess

Sensational tresses like locks of snow
Passionate eyes like embers aglow
A pale face with indication of desire
Surrounded by subtle white fire

Delicate limbs carved by ice
Shrouded in thy gown of sleet
Alluring smile; we it shall entice
Still she lies, so quiet and sweet

Enclosed by the winter white
A single loved and precious sight
On the wind her whispers ride
and on the wind the hymn does glide

Upon the horizon the sun ascends
When the wind dies down and the hymn does end
The silence falls and she makes amends
With still and peace her heart does mend


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