Fighting Friend Poem

I wrote this poem after a close friend of mine turned on me. She is now trying to pull me and my best friend apart. The last few lines of the poem sort of describe her. She is so adorable and tiny, but she is a horrible friend and she will say anything to get her point across.

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My best friend, since year 2, Molly, I'm now in year 10. Last month …

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© Tiffany

Published: Oct 2008

Liar Liar, Dragonfire

To my face you're a friend
nice and sweet
you always have something nice to say
but when my back is turned
and I can no longer see you
you turn into a dragon
vicious and mean
you tell all your friends, and some of mine too
about all the things I (never) did to you
then I turn back and look upon your face
and all I can see is the (false) truth in your eyes
and I believe in you
what harm could you ever do to me?
little did I know
this whole time you've been telling everybody everything
you've been making mountains out of mole hills
you've been turning my good into bad
my truths into lies
and it hurts
what did I ever do to you?
I never told your secrets (though others have)
I've always kept your truths (your lies as well)
I've always, always tried to be a friend
which is more than I can say for you
cute little dragon
what will you say next


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  • by Amy, England
  • 9/8/2013

My best friend, since year 2, Molly, I'm now in year 10. Last month suddenly she turned her back on me and has been calling me names. It's been going on for a while now and last week I found out and it REALLY hurts, I haven't confronted her about it yet but when I do... :0


  • by Caitlin, California
  • Nov 2011

One year ago, you were the best, the only one I trusted. But now I feel like all we had, and what we have is busted. You never even cared about what anyone had said, now its all you ever think about instead. I am no longer important to you, and I understand that, but why would you hangout with those fake little brats? You know their cycle, you know their routine, but I didn't think you were one to fit in with the mean. About a month ago, you told me this one thing, you want to hangout with other people, except you wanted me. Little did I know, that your story began to grow, and now we're no longer friends, and that you "had" to go. I hope they keep your secrets like I did, I hope that they are true. But sweetie, I think I know them more than you do. Admit it I'm the closest person to you here and you know it, but we'll see what happens when you tell your bestest friends about it.


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