I'm Sorry Poem about Love

A relationship was overstepped and now it's time for a sad goodbye, but she will always love him.

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This poem made me realize how wrong, bad and hurt I have caused her. And believe me, all she says is that I'm bothering her. I love her and really hope that she sees that.

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Published: Sep 2008

My Mistake

I admit I made a mistake
Over stepping some boundaries
which made me look fake.

I always said I would never do the things I did,
and that is the reason it is so hard for you to forgive.

It's been so long,
so many times we said we'd try
only to turn around
and make each other cry

Remember how it was when we first started out,
So much alike, we shared every thought
We fell so fast, maybe fell in love too soon
Made a huge decision that now we cannot undo.

I admit my mistakes but can you admit yours,
I have paid for what I've done
as you have paid for yours,
so why is it like this,
we can't even talk.
You call me liar and say you don't care
All the while my love for you is still there

I never meant to hurt you,
never wanted to cause you any pain
Since you left me 5 months ago
My life hasn't been the same.

I owe you so much,
I have so much to prove to you,
So I will end this with the hardest thing I'll ever have to do,
Goodbye baby...I will always be in love with you.


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  • by Mpho, South Africa
  • 6/24/2014

This poem made me realize how wrong, bad and hurt I have caused her. And believe me, all she says is that I'm bothering her. I love her and really hope that she sees that.


  • by Alberton
  • 1/27/2014

I messed up with her... I promised her I'll forever love her. We had all those I love you more fights. We used to talk for days and nights. Now we can't stand each other. I told her I'm sorry. But she said all I do is bother. I really love you. And I'm sorry about everything. 4 days before I was going to ask you to say you do... You told me?. Things were thru. I'm sorry!


  • by Christina, Seattle
  • Jul 2013

You are so welcome Ben, I would love to hear your song someday...thank you. :)


  • by Ben Milie
  • May 2013

This poem is so touching. I used to view love as some crazy thing that really sucks, but this poem changed my view of love. I'm really gonna make a song out of this poem.

Thanks Christiana, for writing this poem.


  • by Veronica,North Carolina
  • May 2013

This poem really touched me. I'm going to try and get her back, because I love her so much <33


  • by Peter
  • Apr 2013

This is a really touching poem. This is exactly how I feel, me and the love of my life broke up almost 4 months ago, I tried everything to get her back. I wrote her a song I wrote her a poem. Then I saw this and got that I may never get her back. In the beginning we were perfect we spoke for hours and shared everything together I guess we fell too fast. I was going to ask her to marry me I even bought the ring, she left the country and things just weren't the same from then. I think it's time I said good bye to her. I caused her enough problems and just want her to be happy.


  • by Jazmine Rivera ,Nevada
  • Apr 2012

Someone kissed me and I told my boyfriend that I pulled away and he told everyone that I cheated on him in front of his face. It really sucked I wanted to kill myself through everyday at school I got called things in the hallway. This poem just made everything better thank you.


  • by Marlina M.
  • Mar 2012

I cried & this poem made me realize what I have to do now even if it hurts me & him )':


Jesse, I wrote this poem, I'm happy it helped you...


  • by Jesse, Fresno, CA
  • Aug 2011

This poem slapped me in the face so hard it made me cry who ever wrote this just made me realize what I have to do.


  • by Christina
  • May 2011

this poem was my attempt to just focus on my wrong doing, he was always pointing fingers...I was hoping he would stop and do the same, he never read the poem. ;)


  • by Danny D
  • May 2011

wow...this is just like what I'm going through...I'm the bad guy in this one...she doesn't believe me, even when it's the truth...I tried so hard to get her believe me but she just cant...I don't know what to do anymore...


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