Missing You Poem about Friends

Poem About Best Friend Moved Away

My name is Samantha. This poem is about me and my best friend, Hannah, who moved away. Hannah and I used to do everything together. Not a moment was spent apart. We were just like sisters. We loved all the same things, and had such great times together. But Hannah moved very far away, and we haven't been able to keep in touch and now my heart is broken. I never had a friend as great as her. I love you Hannah!

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Every Time I See You

© Samantha

Published on August 2012

Every time I see you,
my heart melts with happiness.
You make me laugh.
You make my heart sing.

Every time you talk to me,
I feel speechless.
Your voice is soft and sweet to me.
It calms me in the worst of times.

Every time you smile at me,
I want to smile too.
You brighten a dark day.
You make the sun come out from behind the clouds in my heart.

Now, you're gone.

My heart is broken.
Everything is crashing down on me.
I need someone to take this weight off my shoulders.
I need someone to dry my tears.

Why did you have to go?
I need you.
I need your love.
Life seems impossible without you.

You are my sunshine.
Now, the rain is pouring down.
The clouds are black.
A storm is approaching.

Without you I am nothing.
I need you to tell me that you love me.
To hold me in your arms again.
I need your comfort.

Even though you are gone.
Even though you have moved on,
I will always love you.
You will stay forever in my heart.


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