Missing You Poem about Friends

For my best friend Wynona, I'm missing her very much

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© Shannon

Published: Sep 2012

Missing A Friend When I'm Locked Up

Another month has come
But you're still so far away
You're always in my heart
each and every day.

I'm sorry I couldn't be here
For when you needed me most,
I wish time would hurry,
But it goes so slow.

Phone calls aren't enough,
I need the real you,
The one who supports me,
My sister, my glue.

We've been through so much together
In so little time we've shared,
I will never forget all the moments
That you've shown me you cared.

I know it's hard, but my time will come soon,
Keep smiling beautiful, cause it looks good on you!
So until I see you when my time comes to an end,
Stay strong bub, Love your best friend.

I miss you so much.
Love from Shannon.


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