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The Child Is Gone The Child Is Dead

This poem is pretty self explanatory It reflects my childhood. I am an abuse survivor. My pain was caused by a family member who died before justice was served. Poetry helps me deal with the pain.

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Yes, I was molested by two of my family member when I was 6-11. I was so …

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© Joni Jefferson

Published: Apr 2009

Nothing Remains

Innocent eyes and sweet laughter - now vacant and empty
Staring into a dark void
Hot tears on my pillow
Scared to fight
Too young to understand
Cold hands everywhere - holding, touching, hurting
Rape and perversion
Blood - sweat - on my clothes
Hatred - confusion - disgust
Night after night, week after week, year after year
No longer a child - only an object
Silence - no dreams - no sleep
So many missing years
So many forgotten memories
All virtue - goodness - happiness gone
Childhood stolen - innocence murdered
Only pain and sadness remained
The child is gone - the child is dead
Nothing else remains.


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  • by Htoonyin
  • Mar 2012

Yes, I was molested by two of my family member when I was 6-11. I was so scared everynight. I wanted to tell my parentd, I couldn't because I thought they would be mad at me, sometimed I think it'd my own fault, sometime I wish it didn't happen to me. Now I'm 16 and I still don't open up to no one. It really a shame. Growing up having low self esteem. I go in public with smile, happy and joyful but I just wish some one could hear me screaming inside. How dead I am inside. I still couldn't talk to anyone even right now.. Reading this poem really make me cry and burn inside.


  • by Mary Ann, Venezuela
  • Aug 2010

Well, this poem touched me in a way you really can't imagine. I as well was molested by a member of my family, but he died before justice could be done. I was scared to death while he repeated his acts over and over... I was scared to shout, to ask for heal, to tell anybody.. After a year I finally told my parents but he was already dead, so far only they know and my best friend... But the pain is still stuck in my head even though I've finally accepted it and gone to therapy.. and decided I was not going to let it kill me anymore. Wherever he is, he's not going to se me suffer and see my world crumble into pieces thanks to him, I can grow.


  • by Janessa Russell
  • May 2009

My story isn't just one. to me this burden has followed me and repeated itself with several different people. First happening at an early age and lastly happening not to long ago. this has been done to me by not only members of the opposite sex but of my own as well. thus causing me to trust less and less of those around me. I thought of it all to be my fault and did not know how to properly handle it so instead of making this known to others I held it in and it destroyed me, continuing the process of breaking me with each minute. I turned to suicide attempts and near death escapes, I was well into depression and self mutilation , luckily I got help after a recent relapse into an eating disorder. I encourage you to continue releasing you emotions on this.


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