I am a young girl who expresses her feellings with poetry. I always feel angry so I sit down and write and it makes me happy. When you read my poems you will feel the same sadness and darkness as I do.

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I like the way you write. You write so dark I happen to write the same …

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© Leah Robinson

Published: Mar 2008

The Voices Inside

You're away in your dreams,
You're at peace far away,
Don't you just think that?
Maybe you could stay,
For more than a minute,
You try but it's too late.

You're away with the voices,
The voices inside,
So far to go,
But can not get back,
You're all alone,
In coldness and black,
And the voices are calling,
So close and so strong,
Maybe just maybe,
They could be wrong,
But you're gone.

In with the voices,
Calling inside,
Friendship is sadness,
But sadness is dead,
In its place is loneliness.

And now that I've told you,
Do you think you will go?
To the dreams and peace,
Where nobody else goes.


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  • by Nicole, Indiana
  • Dec 2010

I like the way you write. You write so dark I happen to write the same way. a lot of people don't understand why I write so sad but that's my best writing. So I guess I'm saying keep writing and you'll get even better and don't let anyone stop you.


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