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A poem about continuing to struggle through the most difficult of times. A poem about letting go and letting God

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July 2008

Time To Stop Struggling

Life is unfair, sometimes the misery we can't bear..
This was a feeling I could never share...
I am strong, strong enough to move on from this pain,
I won't feel the shame, my life is not a game,
tired of these tears and my fears...
I will cherish my inspirations...
I will find my dream, I promise, that's what I will achieve..
I will find a way to leave..
I'm not who you will deceive..
I believe in miracles, these people laugh like it's hysterical...
I won't fall, I may be lost but I will be found...
One day I will find the perfect life, life will run beautifully,
I will fly like a butterfly through the night, will have a pleasant sight, afraid but I will fight...
No boundaries, free my mind of all the pressure, leaving here will be my pleasure..
I want so much to be free, so much I want to see...
I want to reach the sky, I want so bad too fly...
See, I use to be a fool when I let you treat me cruel...
I made a mistake but I wont let myself break..
Leave me, for gods sake...
So now I kneel down to pray, for these times of struggle I will just say, I'll leave in your hands. God, I will let go..


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