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The title says it... putting things on paper is therapeutic for me yet. A "poetic" style works best for me to keep my thoughts from straying...thanks for allowing me to share!

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Published on February 2009

Love In My Life

I married a man too early in life
and wasn't prepared to be a good wife.
I believed he loved me and things would be fine.
My love for him would grow over time.

The years passing by were good for awhile.
Then came a time I could not see my smile.
He cheated on me and I deserved more.
With a heavy heart I went out the door.

We parted as "friends", which ended one day.
With a baby conceived he went on his way.
He now liked his freedom away from me.
I carried our son -- he didn't want to see.

Soon after another cared about me;
I ignored the things I didn't want to see.
I married that man -- I thought it'd be best.
But soon after that, he was failing the test.

Driven by fear, I mistakenly thought
A son of "his own" was thing that he sought
I now had a toddler and one on the way;
there was no doubt, I now had to stay.

Things started to spiral out of control.
The alcohol had a firm grip on his soul.
Choosing to leave to protect us all;
I was forced this time to really stand tall.

Now on my own with two children to raise
I examine my life in so many ways.
My relationships failed, for that I am sad;
but the result of those could never be bad.

Now long gone are those men from my past
replaced by a "true" love that forever will last.
My love for my sons, my two little boys,
erase all my pains and reveal only my joys.


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