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I wrote this when I was trying to figure out who I am.

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Who Am I?

© Miranda S more by Miranda S

Published on May 2008

Who am I?
What is the real reason to why I cry?
I'm having trouble opening up

My mind is at a loss
I don't move so I'm getting covered in moss
But it doesn't grow the right way
I thought it was supposed to show you the way

I just want to get home
Where I can be alone
I'm sick of feeling closed in
I'm not an animal you can put in a pin

I need to be free
So I can see all I can see
I don't want to be locked up

I want to come to my senses
I remember everything he mentions
Yet I don't know me
That's who I can't see

It seems so simple
But that can't be
'Cause if is was so
I'd know where to go

I don't know who to go to
I need to talk it through
But they can't know me
And they can't see

I can't find them
How can this be


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