Betrayed Friend Poems

"Et tu Brute, then fall Caesar". Perhaps the most famous words in English literature speak of a betrayal of a friend. Julius Caesar is saying that if even his close friend Brutus is stabbing him, then he has no hope. Our friends are the ones that we expect will stand by us through thick and thin. When are going through hard times, we ask that they be "like a bridge over troubled waters". If we cannot count on our friends to pull us through, then who can we count on?

Friendship Poems about Betrayal

Poems about Betrayal Of Trust

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Poem On The Pain Of Friendship
By Nicole
You have been my best friend for the last couple years
We stood together through the laughter and tears
Today the tears are not mutual; they are just in my eyes
I canít believe my best ..........
Votes: 192,  Rating: 4.36 , 5 Stories
Broken Friendship
By Redridinghood
We said it was forever - said we'd never part,
I knew it was a line, but I still gave both of you my heart.

Said you would stay, promised you could,
You chose to walk away, I knew you ..........
Votes: 176,  Rating: 4.36 , 2 Stories
My Best And Worst Friend
By Sarah Mccallister
We said we would be friends till the end
You said you would always be my friend
You stabbed be in the back
now what we had we can't get back
I see you everyday
but I still feel ..........
Votes: 122,  Rating: 4.34
First And Last
By Claire
Today will be my last and today will be my first
The last time I get walked on by you
The first time Iíve moved so far from you
The last time I will wait for you to arrive
The first time ..........
Votes: 102,  Rating: 4.34 , 6 Stories
Friend Left Me For A Guy Poem, Forgotten
By Meghan Harrington
In the beginning we had a rule.
Only one rule.
Easy, right?
We are more important than a guy.

But not today.
Not this time.
You've broken the rule.
The one rule. ..........
Votes: 73,  Rating: 4.34
Friend Shows Their True Colors
The blood was shed
It will never be the same
Feel the intruding lead
That hangs my head in pain

The drainage not on my hands
But flows down my back
It was only in the sands ..........
Votes: 177,  Rating: 4.32 , 3 Stories
Some Friends Just Can't Be Trusted, You Think
You think you're so good.
Think you're so perfect in everything.
You think you can control my mood.
Please you must be joking.

I gave you all my heart.
I believed in everything you ..........
Votes: 129,  Rating: 4.32
Once Friends
By Airicka- Shayne R. Hargis
I wish that I could take it all away but itís done.
We were the best of friends, everything we did was fun.
Now it's not the same since you became cool with the in-crowd.
Now youíre ashamed ..........
Votes: 123,  Rating: 4.29 , 2 Stories
I Will Always Love You
By Charis Featherstone
Do you still remember?
When it was just you and me
We trusted each other with anything
The best that friends could be

The bad times came
But we went through them strong
You ..........
Votes: 54,  Rating: 4.26
Angry At Friend Poem, You're No Friend Of Mine
By Holly
I need to figure myself out
I need time, I need space
But I hate being alone
I hate the silence
I hate your face

Look what you did to me
I'm a monster inside
seems like ..........
Votes: 31,  Rating: 4.23
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