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When a family member commits suicide, the entire family is plunged into confusion and grief. Life is instinctually valued by all of life's creatures. Even a blade of grass or flower fights for the privilege of life. When someone close to you voluntarily ends their lives, your entire value system is thrown into question. Family members may also be consumed with guilt, thinking that they somehow should have seen the signs that led to the individuals suicide. Group therapy with others who have experienced this trauma as well as individual therapy may be necessary to help cope.

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Suicide Must Be Prevented at All Costs

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  • by Greg M
  • Published: 5/19/2013
Poem From Father About Sons Suicide, I Had To Cry Tonight

Winter is here, the air is cold, the snow is deep.

His favorite time of year, he loved the outdoors and the
challenges of the hunt, the fish, the race.

We planned together, worked …

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This really touched my heart knowing I self harm because my dad died but it really touched my heart knowing someone that goes through what I am going through and I hope you are ok and I will support …

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  • by Carina Spencer
  • Published: 11/10/2011
Cousin Suicide Poem, My Best Friends Departure

I jumped, you caught me.
I laughed, you joked.
I was down, you picked me up.
I crumbled, you glued me back together.
I loved you, you loved me back.

You jumped, I couldn't catch …

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Today it's been two years since I lost my best friend to suicide. This poem truly said everything I felt and do feel to this day still. Thank you for sharing.

Girl Forever Gone

Her face is puffy and red, while painful tears stream down her sad face.
She cries out loudly, hoping someone will hear her silent screams.
So many voices going through her head,
telling …

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This poem is so good. It shows exactly how I feel right now. My life sucks, everybody treats me badly even my family. No one can bear me because I'm a stupid bitch who always ruins everything. I've …

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Dad Doesn't Love Me, That Girl

Forever feeling her life is dying
But the doctors keep on lying.
"Your daughter will be fine,
Just give her some time."

But she wasn't okay
Because your baby girl took her life …

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Wow, Amber you did good. This poem is absolutely beautiful, filled with depth and experience that I myself cannot even fathom. I hope that you are still alive and well, and I hope you never followed …

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  • by Pat
  • Published: 4/6/2011
Goodbye Mum

Dear mum,
This is your son,
I am writing this to you,
To tell you I'm done.

Hold back those tears,
Please don't cry
Don't make this any harder,
For me tonight.

You …

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I know how he feels my mom and dad don't under stand my silent calls for help. I wish that they would stop drinking. My dad is a mean drunk so I'm always afraid of what he will do. My mom gets so …

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  • by Coty Hoggle
  • Published: 2/17/2008
Too Much Pressure In Life, This Is For The Best

one sad cold night
a boy sat in his chair
picked up a gun
as he ran his fingers through his hair
he sat and cried as he thought
everything that's happened
has all been my …

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It hurts to read these poems and see that people all live through this suicide situations. My brother did exactly this. He shot himself two years ago after a fight with his girlfriend that was …

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  • by Mel
  • Published: 2/20/2014
Child To Dad

It's been 13 years daddy.
I really, really miss you.

Mum said you're not safe, you're not in the beautiful place they call heaven.

I learnt how to swim a few summers ago,
Can …

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The Fight

My bodies cold
lips are blue
why did I do this because of you?

I feel the earth below me
like a pillow under my head
no knives, no guns, but pills instead

The bottle lays …

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I personally think that if you are bullied, just push through it. Go to someone you can talk to! Ending your life shouldn't have to be an option. I know it's hard because I have been bullied since …

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  • by Lisa Miktuk
  • Published: 2/11/2010
Letter From Daughter to Father Who Committed Suicide, A Silent War

Leaving us without word, nothing left to say,
Mom and me are never going to forget that day.
Something must have hurt so bad and I simply turned my back,
There's so many things I want to …

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Ashley Australia: Thank you so very much for your story! I am sitting alone tonight thinking of the things I have done and feeling terrible for it. And thinking of going to a lake where my son and I …

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STOP Suicide Poetry 1-10 of 59

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