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Battling Alcoholism

After battling Alcoholism for more then 20 years, I just woke up one morning and decided that I'd had enough. It was then that I sat down and wrote this poem. I haven't touched a drop since. That was 7 years ago...................

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You feel pain? Guess what? Everyone does. You want to drink? Guess …

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Published: Nov 2007


(Ode to Alcohol)
The queasy feeling in my stomach
The pounding in my head
The only thoughts in my mind
Were wishing I was dead

My forehead covered in cold sweats
Body shakes beyond control
The endless aching my bones
As you consumed my very soul

The minutes turned into hours
The hours turned into days
suddenly, every moment that I ever lived
Was just a smoke filled haze

As I watched my body waste away
And my life slowly coming to an end
I realized. That I was wrong
You're the devil & not my friend

So, I'm taking back what's left of my life
Not one more second will you dominate
I'll bet the strength that lives in me
You didn't anticipate

Cast you spell on someone else
Find another unsuspecting prey
I came to live, NOT to die
And my life begins TODAY...


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  • by Katherine, SJ
  • Nov 2011

You feel pain? Guess what? Everyone does.
You want to drink? Guess what? I don't want you to.
You're drinking? Guess what? You're also screaming and hurting me.
You're in pain from your hangover? Guess what? I'm in pain from last night too.
You forgot what you did to me last night? Guess what? I'll always remember.
You're sorry? Guess what? Never in my life will I ever forgive you. You do this almost every night since I was a baby, twelve years ago. You promise me you will stop but instead you drink on my birthday. You have brought evil to my spirit. And even now you stumble into my room and call me a few choice words. I just hope you read this someday and look past your greediness, selfishness, and pain to finally see me, your child you have tormented for the past twelve years, mom.


  • by Carmen, FL
  • Jul 2010

I have struggled with a life long addiction of a different sort, but this poem from someone who has struggled with it for 20 years and then overcame it and able to share it 7 years later is life altering to me. It has made me change my perspective to realize this "friendly" addiction is actually the devil- my enemy.
Thank you Shirley for your courage and for this poem.


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