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I like this poem, reminds me of my alcohol addiction when I was young. …

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© Nathan Chance

Published: Sep 2009


The time has come to say goodbye
Don't be sad, and please don't cry
The times we shared were full of fun
When I needed someone you were the one
Hand in hand you always were there
Easing my pain I really thought you cared
Then you started to take over my life
It felt so natural I didn't think twice
I lost control and let things get outta hand
The madness stops here, please understand
My journey ahead is bound to be long
God help me do this please make me strong
I have to do this, here's my reason why
If our love affair continues, I'm going to die


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  • by Sarah, NZ
  • Feb 2013

I like this poem, reminds me of my alcohol addiction when I was young. Dependent by the age of 15, I added spirits to everything, even my food. Soon enough I became a pill junkie, and no not just E, I was taking massive amounts of unknown medications to trip for days some of which, according to the doctors, should have killed me in less than an hour. Not that it mattered to me, I didn't care if I died, if I took some pills and it was my last high. I got really bad and quickly moved on to crystal meth, a month felt like a day, all those days blurred into one. I couldn't control myself or any of my addictions, I was ignoring my friends and trying to act like it was OK. I took a lot to get where I am today, now don't get me wrong, I'm still not free today. You see this all happened in the recent years, I'm only 20 now, but I'm trying to find the way. I managed to quit the pills and meth - even though the thoughts of them are never too far away.


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