Just Friends Poem

In Between Love And Friendship

it is a poem about the mixed feelings of friendship

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This is exactly what's going on with me. I have a very close friend. In …

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© Elhem Nejem

Published: Nov 2008

In Between

Between love and friendship
I'm waving like a lost ship

Between black and white
Grey takes away my sight

Between doubt and certitude
How can I have such an attitude?

I no more bear the confusion
Tell me is it truth or illusion?

I was dreaming when there came
A strange feeling I can not name

Since long you've been my only mate
My soul only you can penetrate

Inside me only you can see
Like sugar in a cup of tea
Like the door knows the key
Like the flower waits the bee

Today it is clearly seen
In between I should never have been

To a strong feeling you were blind
Something your eyes no longer hide

To your best friend love you can fake
Not knowing his heart you can break


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  • by Asha, Setif
  • Apr 2012

This is exactly what's going on with me. I have a very close friend. In fact he was my teacher at university but now we're colleagues. I keep trying to find an excuse just to see him or talk to him. When he smiles my heart beats goes so fast. I see him as an angel. Want to spend every second with him. But unfortunately, all we can be is friends. I'm just an ex-student, a colleague and a close friend. I'm trying to convince myself that I love him only as friend and a brother. But all my trials are in vain. Because I really LOVE him more than a friend!


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