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You Don't Know I Love You

This is a little thing I came up with in my spare time about a boy who likes a girl but she already has someone.

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Oh, there is this girl at school. She is my classmate. I tell her that I …

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© Amber

Published: Oct 2009

Without You

All we'll ever be is friends.
This I'm still trying to accept.

It shouldn't be this way.
You should be mine and only mine.
I've wanted to tell you, but I just can't.

You aren't the sweet girl I once knew.
You've turned into a beast.
And there's absolutely nothing I can do.

That night changed everything.
When he told you he loved you,
You abandoned me as if I didn't matter.

Now I'm sitting here alone in the dark,
watching the old you slowly die.
And watching me die too.

This pain lingers around my heart.
I can't live without you.
And you don't even know...

You never seem to notice...
How I cringe when you kiss him.
Or the reason why I despise him.

You never seem to notice...
The way I've protected you.
Or the way I admire you.

And most of all,
You never seem to notice...
The way I love you.


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  • by Mahlalecious, Polokwane
  • 3/18/2014

Oh, there is this girl at school. She is my classmate. I tell her that I love her and she says she love me too, but she says she is afraid to be in a relationship with me, because it will ruin our reputation as classmate. But, I tell her I don't care, but she doesn't get it.


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