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i wrote this when i was twisted up in a world i had no control over. but now im back in control and just taking it day by day, one step at a time. i'll live with my addiction until the end but i know i have the willpower to walk away.

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© Sasha

July 2008

Drugs Are My Best Friend

Another lonely day
For me to get through
I need to find my way
But that's hard to do.
Sobriety hurt so bad
I wish to forget
But I gave it all I had
I knew I couldn't handle it.
I need to find a high
And ride it 'til the end
Without it I can't get by
Drugs are like my best friend.
It picks me up when I'm low
And at times gives me hope
It helps the real me to show
And even helps me cope.
It never lets me down
And it never tells a lie
It takes away my frown
And it helps me to get by.
Drugs are like my best friend
When I'm left all alone
On them I'll always depend
Because I'm scared of the unknown.
Its been a hell of a ride
But now it must end
I know deep down inside
Drugs aren't my best friend.


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