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The inspiration behind this poem revolves around a time in one of my personal relationships. At the time things were really stressful and I was really unhappy. I felt I had no one to turn to and to escape from the hell I was in.

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Wowww....... Anne I can relate to the fullest it's so hard to overcome …

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Published: Jan 2011

Falling From Darkness

Falling from darkness
To a place I don't know
Everything's moving with no place to go
I feel so alone and scared
As I fall, I wonder, "Is anyone there?"

As the days and nights pass right by
I count the nights I just lay and cry
Falling from faith, falling from love
Please, is there anyone up above?

Never did I want to feel like this,
When the answer lies with the slit of the wrist
My mind is racing to find another solution
Before it's too late and I'm just an illusion.

No one knows how I really feel
I just want him to hold me and help me heal
As I fall, I feel the rain
I begin to think that may be he isn't the key to ease my pain.


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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Janai Stewart
  • 5/25/2014

Wowww....... Anne I can relate to the fullest it's so hard to overcome intense sadness when you feel there is no way out and no one to turn to. God is good but it also works to have strong compassionate people in your life to help you through tough times. It reminds me of that song what the world needs now is LOVE sweet LOVE. It's the only thing that it's Just too little of. People need to love as much as they preach. Because faith with out works AKA action is dead... And it makes people who feel alone lose faith and hope.


  • by Lilly Strawn, South Carolina
  • 3/30/2014

I enjoyed this poem because the tone is not sarcastic but serious and the word choice was beautifully written.


  • by Sam
  • Apr 2012

Wonderful poem Anne. Perfectly captures how I'm feeling at the moment. Fighting a losing battle with myself at the moment :(


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