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This is a poem of how I have felt abandoned by those few that claimed to love me throughout my life.

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This story reminds me of a traumatic childhood. it makes me feel so much …

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Published: Nov 2007

Feelings Of Abandonment

I keep looking for comfort from you
I sit and wonder if your love is true
You see me crying
Inside you have to know I'm dying
Don't you see these tears
Don't you see the hurt from so many years
The little girl that was hurt so bad
Is now 30 years old and utterly sad
No one to listen or even to talk to
Recalling memories that hurt me through and through
The things you ask of me
It triggers a memory
Memories I'd rather forget
Memories embedded in my mind, completely set
The hurt, the pain and anger won't go away
I wonder who "loves me" and will turn their back today
I can't explain how I feel inside
Feelings of abandonment rush in like the tide
Ghosts haunt me no matter where I go
I do love you still, that you should know
I wish you could understand
I would be there holding your hand
I would take away all your pain
So in the end, you'd have a life to gain
But for me, darkness is all I see
No happiness for this little girl is to be
The adult lives her life
Taking on happiness, sorrow and strife
I hope someday you'll understand
Someday I hope you'll be here to comfort me and hold my hand
Until that day all I feel is punishment
Along with those never-ending feelings of abandonment


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  • by Kanz, London
  • Jun 2011

This story reminds me of a traumatic childhood. it makes me feel so much in just a few lines and yet it brings me comfort. nobody but the one person I love know my secret. so I'm alone and not alone, the simplest question that brings a memory, takes me away from this reality. Thanks for reading.


  • by Fiz
  • Jan 2011

I can't help but cry when I read this poem. It reached out to my heart. Born out of wedlock in an Asian community almost 40 yrs ago, I struggled with vicious comments and hurtful attitude by relatives. All this while my own mother ignored me.


  • by Donna
  • Aug 2010

I am very much effected by. I feel as if I wrote this myself. Whoever wrote this poem, made me feel a lot of feelings I haven't had in years. It actually reminded me of being a SURVIVOR and not a victim. I was abandoned at 3 months old. Left at a mental health hospital for anyone to have whatever, or whoever took me what would end up my destiny. Not a good outcome but, I guess it could of been a whole lot worse. No, wait, no it was the worse... Thank-You for your thoughts and sharing them.


  • by Denver CO
  • Aug 2010

It's like this person knows my life story my mom pimped me out because she had a drug problem so I had to grow up fast.


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