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I wrote this one night in my room when I realized that people around me thought I was happy. I wanted to write down the truth. I wanted to write down how I felt.

Just Look Into My Eyes

© Bryan Rankin
Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
It won't be happy
It won't be pretty

The way I act
Makes me seem happy
It makes me seem fine
But look into my eyes

There you will see
See the hurt
See the hate
In my eyes I will seem distant

Look into my eyes
There you will see everything
Everything I hold inside
There you will see me


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Published: May 2009

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  • I can relate to this so much. Everyday I put on a fake smile and laugh, but behind my eyes tears are constantly building. Nobody has respect here to truly look a person in the eyes. I love that sometimes

    Oscar De Grouche, Timonium Submitted Jan 2011

  • Everyday I use a fake smile, a fake laugh. I've been told by friends that when they look into my eyes that they can see what I'm really feeling, but once I let them go to show what I'm really feeling I regret it and put them back up.

    Samantha, Arizona Submitted Mar 2011

  • This is exactly how I feel. I wrote a poem similar to this for school but didn't turn it in, I didn't want anyone to know how I actually feel.

    Amber, Florida Submitted Mar 2011

  • I try to hide and when I lay down at night I cry but now that my world is tumbling down I cry in public with sun glasses and eyeliner on.

    Christina,Ohio Submitted May 2011

  • Yeah I am a girl who doesn't have a life, yes I am a teenager but I am different. I can understand I spent 3 years talking to nobody at my school. I just watched. Me I am a figment of everyone's imagination although very real. I fight to smile but haven't in awhile. My friends are 3 people and they make me the listener. I listen to their problems they don't ask about mine. I have learned a lot of things just by watching staying behind the scenes of this so called life we all lead. I want to fit in but people are so mean. I love this poem because we all are masked and hidden behind the faces others want to see. I cry when nobody can see me.

    Evi , Oklahoma Submitted Jan 2012

  • I can relate to this poem . It's almost me. Since losing my family, I feel complete emptiness. I go to being alone with feelings of hate, discontented, sad, angry etc. to having the I'm great thanks, for those outside my four walls. How gut wrenching this can be, the need to perform really. Show no signs of any weakness. Is it to please them or me. My dread of the emotions I feel almost fearful of experiencing them, however when it takes over it is normal as I see it. Never did I even think that one day I would feel so much hate and rage that it would rot away like cancer. There lies the tale to why my eyes are now dead.

    Ellen. Strathclyde Submitted 2/4/2014

  • I feel like this almost 24/7. None of my friends have seen my real smile. All they can see is that my mouth is tilted upwards, so I must be happy. They say they know me so well, but if that's true, why can't they see through my lies? All I really want right now is a friend who'll look me in the eye and ask me what's wrong and give me a shoulder to cry on when I tell them. Is that too much to ask?

    Kat, Kansas Submitted 4/4/2014

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