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This poem is in memory of Vickie Frier and Leon Frier, Both who lost their lives to cancer.

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My mother lost her battle to stomach cancer four months ago. I miss her so …

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© Carolyn Pritts

Published: Aug 2009

I Hate You Cancer

I hate you I hate you
Oh why can't you see?
How you took my heart and broke it
When you took them from me!

She was my favorite Aunt you see
For only a short time
And then you came and took her
While she was in her prime

She was there to lend a hand
When you thought you had no one at all
But that was until the day
That YOU came to call!

She suffered for so long
And was always in pain
You took a beautiful woman
And made her die in vain

He was my favorite Uncle
No, there is no doubt
And then you came into his life
And ripped my heart right out!

You took a great big man
And made him so small
So when the angels came to get him
It was not him at all!

He worked so hard to fight you
And stay with his kids and wife
But No, you would not leave him
Until you took his life!

You may think you won this time
But just you wait and see
One day, we will be together in heaven
Vickie, Leon and me!


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  • by Maribel Lopez
  • 6/18/2014

My mother lost her battle to stomach cancer four months ago. I miss her so so much and I think it's not fair. Cancer is a killer, has taken so many lives and has left so many people in pain. It's been so hard without her. I HATE YOU CANCER SO MUCH.


  • by Micheal Huddleston, Mississippi
  • May 2011

My husband of 17 years has battled cancer on and off for 13 years. He has Refractory Hodgkin's Lymphoma which has recurred 8 times in 13 years. We also had one child, Micheal Tyler Huddleston who battled brain cancer for 19 months before losing his battle. This has been so difficult.


  • by Judy
  • Jan 2011

Read your poem and am feeling down.
My spouse has third stage colon cancer and every day I wake up frighten.


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