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January 2008

Touched By Snow

A small girl on a frozen pond... skates in hand.
A small pond... trees near by... snow is falling.
A bench to put on her skates.
A twinkle in her eye.

Touched by the wind on her face.
Spinning... spinning... spinning.
Snow flakes are falling.
Together, a picture.

A young woman kneels near the ice.
Her eyes catch the eyes of a small girl there.
Spinning... spinning...
She feels the presence of eyes upon her.

An old woman sits on the bench.
Her thoughts drift...
Eyes twinkle behind closed lids.
Painting pictures in the snow.

A small girl arrives... she sits on an empty bench.
Snow flakes fall.
She looks over a frozen pond... trees near by.
A gust of wind... snow flakes spinning.

Copyright 2008 David Hoffmann


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