Summer Poem

Poem About The Things That Happen In Summer

This is a description of summer and some things that happen in this season.

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© Mohamad Zibadel

Published on June 2015

Weather gets warmer and fruits riper
Clothes replaced with the ones lighter

Sun in the sky blazing like a silver ball
Makes wheat and vegetables to be tall

Every morning breeze shakes the green trees
Brings us joy and the smell of fragrant leaves

Boiling springs in the heart of high mountains
Are welcoming the thirsty birds sitting in tens

Farmers' busy time on the fields gathering crops
Tired bodies sweating look like they stopped the clocks

Harvest season of juicy and watery fruits
Greatest reason refresh dry and thirsty throats

Children's laughter and playing shouts fill the air
Up and down, jumping and kicking with no care

Everyone does a job, men bring and chop the logs
Little children go after one another and play with bugs



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