Depression Poem

I wrote this poem as therapy from a depression episode.

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I Love This Poem so much and I am going through depression and this poem …

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© Gisselle Vargas

Published: Oct 2008

The Crowd

All alone I stand still watching from a distance
I scream as the people walk by but no one listens
A shadow different from the rest stares back at me
I try to grasp it but it disappears right in front of me

I'm left standing still as the day turns into night
I look at the crowd and tears begin to fill my eyes
Not one familiar face in a group of many
Not one looks up or notices me

I'm like an old statue that everyone has seen
They all walk past me like they know where I've been
Yet no one cares to see where I'm going
Or how I got there or am I hurting

Suddenly I realize that I'm not the unnoticed
While no one looks at me, I'm the observant
At the end, I have stood firm on the ground
While everyone is searching for the peace I have found


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  • by Ariana Janelle Green
  • May 2009

I Love This Poem so much and I am going through depression and this poem touch my heart completely


  • by shannon ranger
  • Nov 2008

thank you! this is the way I feel and it means a lot to see it in words depression hurts so much and really I feel like everyone is looking over and past me.... and really they should try and see life though my eyes.... because it is like hell somedays! I'm going to share this poem with my class


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