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Brother With Cancer

I wrote this poem for my brother Robert(48) who has terminal pancreatic cancer. I just wanted to let him know how much I love him.

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This poem is really close to me. My Brother died when I was just three and …

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Published: Jan 2008

My Big Brother

Forgive me dear brother for all my tears
But my heart it aches with so much pain,
Why you? My precious brother
But no-one can explain.

It's life I'm told, it's life
But that doesn't help the pain
For if i could have one wish in the world
You know I'd make you better again.

You're the one who always knows what to do or say
You're the one who keeps us together,
You're the one I thought would always be here
To love me forever and ever.

A brother in a million that's what you are
Always been by my side,
Praying for a miracle each and every day
So we can all get off this rollercoaster ride.

But my words are not sent to make you sad
I simply just want to say "thank you"
For I'm so very proud to be your sister
You're so precious my brother - I love you!



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Has this poem touched you?
  • by Maddie, England
  • Aug 2011

This poem is really close to me. My Brother died when I was just three and he was only eight. I can not describe the confusion, heartache and fear I felt, suddenly death seemed soo close. If he could die, my big, brave, strong brother, what was to stop death catching me? I have grown up without my brave, dear brother and every day felt like I was running from death, I am now twelve. But now I see he wouldn't want that, he would want me to live my life to the full! I will greet death one day, in the far future and see my brother again, but till then, I'm determined to save other little girls and boys brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers so they can enjoy their loved ones, like I did my brother for those short three years.


  • by Lisi
  • Nov 2008

Yes it did, specially because one of my best friends is dealing with it, her brother has it....
The poem is great..
God Bless


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