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My life is a HUGE pain. No one makes me happy. They just break me down more & more everyday. Maybe, life is a lesson. Everything is the same to me. -Love/hate. being silent/or noisy. It's all the same.

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This is how I feel. Your words I can feel inside. My heart aches when I hear of the pain so many go through.

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Hurt And Pain

© Lora

Published on January 2011

Hurt and pain.
There's much to gain.
Peace and love.
It's all the same.
Confusion and doubt.
We're not without.
We weep, we cry.
We plead, we try.
We laugh, we smile.
Only to be hurt
by one last trial.
Life is a lesson,
so learn it well.
Maybe, one day,
you can tell it's tale.


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  • by Samantha
  • 1 month ago

My heart bleeds for joy and my mind cries for help. I wish, I wish, and wish some more, but it's hard to be happy. I might wish, but it never comes true, so all I do is live with the pain by being the pain. My body feels, but I don't know what it is. My heart is broken, but what's the reason. I smile but I'm not happy. I don't cry, but I feel like I want to. I'm like a tree. They cut me, but I don't make a sound. Although I need air, sun and water, I feel dead inside. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really alive.

  • by Helen Wright
  • 6 days ago

This is how I feel. Your words I can feel inside. My heart aches when I hear of the pain so many go through.

  • by Samantha De Vries, Germany
  • 1 year ago

I have somehow a connection to this poem and like it. I hope the others don't suffer too much like the one in this poem.

  • by Jessica Kidby, New Plymouth
  • 1 year ago

I feel this story. I am 12 and suffer from really bad depression, anxiety and anorexia. I don't know why I like this poem so much but I feel like it has a connection with me. I just feel like these words have needed to be said for a while and now they have been, so I'm happy about that. Thank you a lot to whoever wrote this.

  • by Shavon N.. Rivera, dickinson tx
  • 3 months ago

Just know you're loved. I am 13 now and I struggle with bipolar disorder and severe depression. I used to cut myself, I've been in and out of mental hospitals. I just got released from juvie, and I understand your pain. I am adopted as well.

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