Short Poems by Teens

The shorter the poem, the more difficult it is to write. Every word must be exactly what you intend to say. There is no time for long winded explanations. Often it may take longer to write a short poem. You are more likely to write it and revise it many times before you feel that each word is perfect and perfectly placed. This may be analogous to a small family or group. There are not many people so each one much show up. Each one must do their part to create a loving family unit or group of friends. Every family member or friend must play their role to perfection.


Short Poem About Life Being Hard
  • By Kati
  • Published: July 2014
It's Hard

It's hard to trust someone who always lied.
It's hard to love someone who made you cry.
It's hard to care when you want to die.
It's hard to believe when you have no pride.
It's hard to forgive when you already tried.
It's hard to be happy, when there's tears in my eyes.



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This is LITERALLY the story of my life. Well put!!

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