Cancer Poem

The Good Cancer.

This is dedicated to anyone who has had cancer come into their lives. This is also dedicated to every thyroid cancer patient who has had somebody tell them they have a "good" cancer because it's pretty treatable. We all know NO cancer is good.

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© Sophie Katele

November 2007

The good Cancer.

The "Good" Cancer.

The Doctors told me because I have Thyroid Cancer that I have a "good cancer."
I never knew there was a better type of cancer to have.
They said it is very treatable so it's the best to have.
Why do I have to have any type of cancer?
It caused just as much pain.
It made myself and loved ones worry just as much.
I might lose my hair like other people with cancer.
I still have to take medications everyday to keep myself alive.
I go to bed every night praying I'll wake up the next day.
My parents still cry and worry that they will outlive their daughter.
I still have to see doctors all the time.
I don't get to see my friends as much because I get sick a lot.
I look tired all the time.
I don't understand how this is a "good" cancer.
I've been beating my cancer for two years now.
Like other cancers, it can come back when it wants to.
I still have to get cancer scans & tensions rise out of worry.
I have to stop my medication and be put in isolation.
I spent two summers of my life doing cancer treatments.
I had to drop out of school for 9 months.
Now I'm behind my class and getting back on my feet.
Like people with other cancers, I always end up thinking I might not survive it.
I'm a 21 year old cancer patient.
I get sick easier than most my age.
I don't get to go out as much as I like because I'm tired a lot.
Please somebody tell me how this is a "good" cancer.
Most associate the word cancer with death.
How is this "good"?
I'm not going to give up though.
I refuse to let my parents bury me.
I don't want to leave my friends.
I want to go out with them and be the crazy bubbly girl I used to be.
I refuse to stop dating.
I refuse to stop planning my future.
I want to get married and have my own children.
Yes, I've become stronger from all of this.
However, I still don't see how this is a "good" cancer.


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