Dying Poems

When a family member is dying, the whole family is plunged into despair. It is heartbreaking to see a once active relative lying in a hospital bed hooked up to machines. It is hard to imagine that this is the same individual who was previously so active and full of life. It may feel strange and uncomfortable to spend time with a loved one when they are dying. Most of us feel uncomfortable in the hospital filled with the smells of sickness and death. However, there may be an opportunity to share a moment that you treasure for the rest of your life.

Poems about a Loved One Dying

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It's Ok To Go
By Lori Daoust
You were sick and tired and we all knew,
that God would soon come to take you.
You fought so hard, so very long,
but through the pain, you stayed strong.

We all knew there would come ..........
Votes: 179,  Rating: 4.53 , 1 Story
A Prayer For Mama
My dear sweet heavenly father I come to you today,
with faith and hope I ask, send an angel Mama's way.
I know her time is near and soon you'll take her home,
to stroll across the streets of ..........
Votes: 121,  Rating: 4.53 , 3 Stories
To Mommy - My Final Goodbye
By Katie L. Ruggiero
Sometimes I wish I could rewind my life,
To think about all my actions one more time,
And to think about all the people I hurt.
I knew all the pain would one day come back to haunt ..........
Votes: 285,  Rating: 4.52 , 4 Stories
Poem from Dying Grandmother To Grandson, My Little One
By Pali Munasinghe
Doctor said,
I live only three months.
My little darling,
I helped you walk,
Holding your hand.
I found you berries,
In the nearby bushes.
I plucked you cherries,
Whenever you ..........
Votes: 13,  Rating: 4.46
The Strength Of One Woman
By Glorimar Fontanez
She played a different role in all our
lives, a mother, a sister, and a
grandmother, no matter what the love
we have for her is one, ask anyone
they'll tell you the same, she ..........
Votes: 152,  Rating: 4.43 , 1 Story
My Grandpa
By Sarah R. Gamache
My Grandpa Marvin died today.
Oh how I wish that he could stay.
Our selfish hearts just want him here,
but we know he's always near.
A stubborn man my Grandpa was,
but still I gave him ..........
Votes: 95,  Rating: 4.42
The Red Line
By Judd L. Strom
He danced as a buck,
sang as an elder and
beat a drum as long as he was able.

He is proud of his red skin
that now looks as though
it has been stripped from his bones
and ..........
Votes: 17,  Rating: 4.35
Don't Give Up
By Alexandria Wall
When I looked into your eyes
I saw you looking straight back at me.

As we stared into each others eyes it was like some how, some way we were thinking the same thing.

I was ..........
Votes: 79,  Rating: 4.32
Death Of Mother
By Lyndaduff
if only we had one wish
we'd only wish for you
if we only had one dream
we'd only dream of you
if we could bring one person back
we'd only ever pick you
one in a million is ..........
Votes: 27,  Rating: 4.3
Poem To Daughter From A Dying Father, To My Daughter
By Debra Denslow
I just wanted
you to know
how much I wanted to be there to watch
you grow.
Do the things a daddy
does with you,
But God had other plans
I am so sorry I was so sick
the last ..........
Votes: 29,  Rating: 4.28 , 1 Story
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