Grief Poem

A Lost Family Tree

A whole family lost, each on their separate journeys to a sad and separate death.

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wow I can't believe this is still up here I wrote this many years ago. I'm …

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© Moneisha S. Madden

Published: Feb 2006


Sometimes I crawl
Into my skin
To lose myself
From the world
Disconnect myself from my family tree
Searching the mean streets
For a mother's intuition
Going home to a newborn
Crying for my attention
I got lost in the adoption agency
Lost my child's daddy
DYFS lost my baby
Cried so much
Lost my vision
The pink bundle taken
Hurt so bad
I couldn't witness
Keep it or leave it
Abandon, adoption, abortion
The ultimate ultimatum
Lost my mother
To her only hope, dope
She lost herself
In the melodies
Of street pharmacy remedies
A shoulda,coulda,woulda
Waiting for sidewalk doctors
To pass out plastic bag prescriptions
Take drugs or have drugs take me
Sniff or needle
Die high or low
The ultimate ultimatum
Lost my father
To a jail cell
So focused to right
He did wrong
Lost his last appeal
And then his mind
So young yet so old
Lost his wisdom
Killed himself
Murder victim of the Correctional system
Jail or Suicide
This cell or hell
Wrong or right
25 years to life
The ultimate ultimatum
Lost my brother
To a color
So stuck in the gang
He was stitched into the fabric
Woven into a web
Of forced respect
Not even a truce
Could knock his gang intellect
Lost in criminal knowledge
Can't help what the
Streets had taught him
Stolen purses and snatched wallets
Nothing but a lost bullet
Not meant to hit him
A young soul gone
Lost to a funeral home
Red or blue
Do or die
Kill or be killed
The ultimate ultimatum
My sister been lost
Sold her body
On every street
For so cheap
But her daddy was a deadbeat
So she gave of herself so easily
Walking the streets for love
Until the AIDS disease
Her soul
No medicine
Could replenish her back to whole
Lost in the reaping of what she sowed
Her body owed
Safe sex or one of 2 million infected
Not knowing or getting tested
Waiting to die or dying to wait
AIDS epidemic
Lost my whole family
Better yet a society
Lost without morals
Values and respect
Old souls who h


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  • by moneisha madden
  • May 2009

wow I can't believe this is still up here I wrote this many years ago. I'm so glad that my words continue to touch people. Thanks for all the comments and support. More poems coming soon.


  • by alex
  • Dec 2008

I really liked this poem I love how it seems like you are so close to your family in the poem and you care about them but in your words you are describing the horrible things that happened. It really touched me and made me think if the author was going through this and frankly I don't know but the way you put your words together made it seem so realistic and so well put and I felt like I could feel pain coming out of the words you once wrote on a paper and now on a site you really are going to go far in this world if you keep this up most people don't have that type of talent :)


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