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Poems About Having a Miscarriage

One of life's most painful losses is that of an unborn child. Miscarriages cause a pain that is unfamiliar to most and understood by few. Parents feel a strong and natural love for their unborn child and to lose their little one to death before they ever had a chance at life can seem unfair, cruel even. Parents are left to wonder what might have been and a pair of empty arms can seem emptier than ever before. Faced with such a terrible situation parents should remember that it is normal, necessary, and healthy to grieve.

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Poem Not Understanding Why Son Was Taken
An Unfinished Life

I'm sitting here mystified and numbed with pain
To lose someone so close, yet so far away.
Some say you can't lose something you never had.
If that's true, then how can I feel this sad?
I felt more close to you, my child
More than anyone else around me
Because I felt you so deep within me.
So small, no eye could see
Yet so full of life was felt already.
Disbelief and uncertainty consume my brain
As the tears fall like rain.
Heart pounding hard, feels like thunder.
The sorrow and anguish down under just can't be explained.
Was I being punished for a sin I committed?
Was I to learn something from this and just didn't get it?
Please God, answer me... what did I do to deserve this?
Does he know how much I love him?
'Cause it's your job now to tell him!
I already miss him... I'd do anything to kiss him...
To hold him and embrace the mere presence of him.
I can only hope for one of these days
He comes back to me, this time to stay.
To find it deep within his heart
To give me the chance for a brand new start!

Dedicated to my unborn child. 2006


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Only a mother can explain the pain of losing her child. Evokes very sad feeling to read this poem. But what cannot be cured must be endured. Everything is HIS plan. I share the pain.

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