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Sad Poems about the Death of a Sister

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Missing My Sister And Best Friend
One morning I found you in eternal sleep;
I tried to wake you as I began to weep,
But all my pleas you could not hear;
Oh if I could have only kept you near,
Away from the voices of ..........
Votes: 784,  Rating: 4.55 , 118 Stories
My Sister's Rocking Chair
Over in the corner sits an empty rocking chair,
Yet, my mindís eye can still picture her there,
Gently rocking to and fro at a slow steady pace,
Wearing a soft loving glow upon her sweet ..........
Votes: 51,  Rating: 4.55
If Only You Could Of Stayed
By Catherine Lamberton
Constantly thinking,
never to be the same,
the tears fall quickly
just hearing your name.

Silence is golden
yet not anymore
silence brings thoughts
I just can't ..........
Votes: 190,  Rating: 4.52 , 6 Stories
My Younger Sister, You're Not Here
By Alyson Drummond
I think of you Emma, every day
your smiles and chatter, the words you did say.
The coffees and catch-ups, the time that we shared,
busy lives lived close together, showed just how much we ..........
Votes: 95,  Rating: 4.51 , 6 Stories
Your Suffering Is Done
~This morning as I sit here looking up to the sky I keep on asking myself why;
How you suffered for oh so long;
until that morning when you went home were you belong.
I have cried and ..........
Votes: 26,  Rating: 4.5
Hodgkin's Disease
By James Harmon
As I was not there the day of your birth,
I rely on stories to tell of your worth.
A few years pass, and a miracle once more
Our family, growing again, has now reached four.
Growing ..........
Votes: 51,  Rating: 4.49
Death Of Sister Poem, Our Hearts Are Broken Forever
By Grace Bourke
Sandra our hearts are broken forever,
People tell us that in time the pieces will eventually come back together,
If this is true, though hard to believe now, there will always be a ..........
Votes: 255,  Rating: 4.45 , 23 Stories
Death Of Twin Sister, R.I.P Sarah
By Katie Evers
God picks flowers from his garden above..
He sends them to earth for a family to love.
One cool crisp morning he sent twins..
The family burst with love from within..
They grew into ..........
Votes: 81,  Rating: 4.44 , 5 Stories
A Brilliant Golden Ray
One morning under a clear blue sky day,
There was a crisp November chill in the air,
As the sun shone down in a brilliant golden ray,
Upon all the sweet flowers and people gathered ..........
Votes: 58,  Rating: 4.34
A Tribute To My Sister, Patricia
By Danielle Little
It feels like years but it has only been months,
And yet that is still too long.
I still love you the same as if you were still here with me, laughing during the good times and crying during ..........
Votes: 140,  Rating: 4.33 , 18 Stories
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