Uncle Death Poems

Uncles have a special role. Not being our father, they can be a friend and a supporter in a different way than anyone else in our lives. They are both a relative and a companion; one of the few people able to be both. Whether they are crazy and weird and only seen at holidays or our fishing buddy and mentor, the loss of an uncle is a particularly hard one. Their loss, however, is filled with the years of happy memories we had, and that special connection that belongs only to uncles.

Poems about the Death of an Uncle

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Poem In Memory Of My Hero, My Uncle
By Nikkii Fahy
I came into this life
You held me in your arms
You kept me safe
So no one could harm

You taught me values
Lessons in life I would learn
You taught me to respect
I gave you ..........
Votes: 61,  Rating: 4.41 , 1 Story
Memory Eternal
By Alexis F. Douros
That is what I will remember,
Your bravery and your love
That caring wise and watchful eye
Which now peers at us from above.

I wish I knew you years ago
With your sly smile and ..........
Votes: 94,  Rating: 4.4 , 5 Stories
Death Of Uncle, I Miss You Uncle Greg
By Kendra
In loving memory of Greg Allen Maxwel
December 25, 1966
August 7, 2006

I miss you tomorrow
I miss you today
a cry in sorrow ..........
Votes: 53,  Rating: 4.3 , 1 Story
Tribute Poem To Uncle, The Day God Took You
By Chelsea M. Smeltzer
It was the shocking news, that brought tears to my eyes. And you made me remember what it was like to cry. On that dreadful day, God decided it was your time, your time to go, so He took your life ..........
Votes: 214,  Rating: 4.25 , 23 Stories
I Miss You Uncle Poem
By Autumn
there's a feeling in my skin, one that I can't ignore.
I hate waking up in the morning, without you knocking on our door.
I miss the way when you smiled, you lit up the whole night sky.
I ..........
Votes: 30,  Rating: 4.2 , 2 Stories
Calling Angels
By Amy Angiano
we waited as if it was an eternity,
growing up with him every single
day or every other day wishing and
hoping that he would one day get
up and joke and play around with
everyone. ..........
Votes: 26,  Rating: 4.08 , 2 Stories
When The It Was Tomorrow
By Mellisa Forde
When I saw you smiling and talking it was yesterday
When you were taken it was today
But in my heart you will always stay
Your voice, your wisdom, your speech and your right so free
Not ..........
Votes: 20,  Rating: 4.05 , 1 Story
Poem About Uncle Died From Cancer, I Will Never Forget
By Elizabeth Tremblay
Easy come, and easy go
It's very hard to let you go
Don't think I won't remember
Because I will never forget

It was hard to see you in that bed
The look of sadness and my ..........
Votes: 32,  Rating: 3.94 , 3 Stories
My Step Dad's Uncle
You were in the hospital for weeks.
When the news spread it hurt us down deep.
All the families from everywhere
All came to stop and stare
At what is now to be our beloved
The angel ..........
Votes: 15,  Rating: 3.87
My Uncle My Best Friend, Tomorrow
By Ken
I said see you tomorrow.
Well, I'm still waiting for tomorrow to come.
Death is like an endless problem.
There is no sum.

Your days have ended.
Mine still continue to go
Even ..........
Votes: 33,  Rating: 3.82
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Uncle Death Poems 1-10 of 11    
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