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Sad Poems about the Death of a Daughter

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You were lying in my arms,
As I tried to say goodbye,
“It might be for the best”, they said,
But I knew that was a lie.

I gazed at your little handprint,
Given to us that ..........
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Hayley's Smile
By Amy L. Mercer
I wrote this for my daughter who just passed away from a brain disease called Krabbe.

Hayley's Smile

My beautiful Hayley, One year old how great you are to love and hold.
Your smile ..........
Votes: 89,  Rating: 4.61 , 1 Story
My Precious Daughter Lindsey
I remember it well, the day you were born
Everyone was happy, smiling faces adorn
The epitome of what every baby girl should be
You were loved so much, anyone could see.

A year ..........
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A Letter To God, For My Daughter Crissy
By Kathy
Gentle Savior please look down,
There's someone by your side,
A small bewildered four year old,
That needs you as her guide.

You'll know she's Crissy if her smile
could melt a ..........
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Death Of Daughter Poem, When You Were Small
By Linda D. Cope
I often think of you
When you were very small.
You left your fingerprints
On almost every wall.

Back when you were growing up
They were such happy years.
How you would smile and ..........
Votes: 277,  Rating: 4.52 , 29 Stories
Poem to Dead Daughter, Ode To Katie
By Curtis A. Richards
I hopelessly sit here,
Like three years ago.
All the candles are lit,
No "Sweet Angel" to blow.

I look up to the heavens,
And shout out "WHY" ??
The silence is ..........
Votes: 26,  Rating: 4.5
If I Could Hear Her
By Carolyn Ferreira
I see your teardrops falling
I hear you cry my name
I know you can not see me
but I hold you just the same

I watch as you lie abed
as restless as can be
I hear your whispered ..........
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A Memorial Poem to My Daughter, My Dearest Gabriella
By T-Jay

At night when I fall asleep
she is all I dream of...
The one who's always had my heart,
my angel from above...
I want to hold her in my arms,
comfort her when she ..........
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Poem On Anniversary Of Daughters Death, Silhouette
Could I have another moment
Another kiss, another smile
One more chance to watch you sleep
Or just to sit awhile

Ours to keep, or so we thought
We found we were mistaken
Like ..........
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A Mother's Memories Of Her Daughter
By Dawn Main
A year has passed since you left us
A year of sadness and pain
A year of wishing we had the chance to bring us all back together again

They say time is a healer
In time the pain ..........
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